Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] what type of product to put on bolt attaching the windlass to deck?

Bill <greatketch@...>

If your intent is to take it apart every two or three years to clean salt build up from between the deck and the windlass housing as recommended by Lofrans, pretty much anything will probably work.  

I assume the deck plate is stainless, as well as the bolts, so in this case you are protecting against two issues, galvanic corrosion and "galling" or "cold welding".  

Most kinds of stainless steel can exist in two forms "active" and "passive" depending on the availability of free oxygen.  These two forms are quite far apart on the galvanic scale.  When stainless on stainless threads are wet it sets up a good environment for active and passive forms to exist close to each other and potentially cause issues.  For this reason using a product that excludes water from the joint is a good idea. Lanocote, tef-gel, Never-Seez, or standard waterproof greases would all do this for a least a couple years. 

A simple way to think about stainless galling is that under very high pressures the protective surface oxide layer rubs off, the "pure" metal underneath "melts" into itself and the parts become welded together.  In preventing this, in my experience, Lanocote is good, Tef-Gel and Never-Seez are better.  Some greases are good, some not so much, at this.

So...  All told my recommendation would be either tef-gel or never-seez, and I'd know I could get them apart at any time in the future with no problems. On my boat I'd most likely use tef-gel only because it lives in my rigging tool bag, while the never-seez lives in the engine room!

Bill Kinney
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Good morning,

To make story short, I removed the windlass, etc.

What type of product would you put on the bolts attaching the windlass to the deck?
Lanocote? Marine grease?

one was extremely difficult to remove (4 hours) and i would prefer avoid that in the future…

Thanks in advance,
Sincerely, Alexandre
Club Nautico de San Juan, Puerto Rico

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