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The chain counter on our boat had been replaced by a model from Quick.  It's not quite a "drop-in" replacement, but is a nice piece of equipment.

A Quick CHC1202M. Like this:

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Our Chain counter also stopped working I made contact with Pochon who do not make these anymore but can repair them - email is accueilsavlr 'at '

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Alan, I looked through the Pochon Catalogue , it looked like they are a distributor of thousands of marine products , but I could not find the chain counter.Do you know that they manufacture , rather than just sell ? I figure the Z has to stand for something.
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They were manufactured by Pochon in France

Pochon S. A.
Avenue Michel CREPEAU78501 
17000 La Rochelle
Tel.: +33-546 413 053
Fax: +33-546 505 857
Mr. Didier Dupois

Good luck

Elyse SM437

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