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It is only a Raymarine cover...nothing else is Raymarine. 


It was made for Amel by Pochon in France...they no longer make it, but may repair it. Probably any electronics guy can repair it because the control box is fairly simple. The part that fails seems to always be the sensor which is made by IFM Efector, Inc -‎. The original sensor was model number IB5076, which has been replaced with model number IB5124. Follow this link and order one for $110:

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My chain counter display is Raymarine.  Not sure internally its Raymarine but display cover is such. 

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The chain counter on our boat had been replaced by a model from Quick.  It's not quite a "drop-in" replacement, but is a nice piece of equipment.

A Quick CHC1202M. Like this:

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Our Chain counter also stopped working I made contact with Pochon who do not make these anymore but can repair them - email is accueilsavlr 'at '

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Alan, I looked through the Pochon Catalogue , it looked like they are a distributor of thousands of marine products , but I could not find the chain counter.Do you know that they manufacture , rather than just sell ? I figure the Z has to stand for something.
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They were manufactured by Pochon in France

Pochon S. A.
Avenue Michel CREPEAU78501 
17000 La Rochelle
Tel.: +33-546 413 053
Fax: +33-546 505 857
Mr. Didier Dupois

Good luck

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