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Hello Bill,

Very reasonable calculation.  Based on 2500 hours of use on 2 different boats with the same engine, Volvo TDM22, I calculated 2.95 l/hr at low cruise rpm (1400-1800) (5 knots).  Given the engine is 80 HP and an older generation, our figures match closely.

Enjoy your last few days with BeBe.

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I can't help you precisely, but can give you a clue. I track fuel consumption by the number of hours on the engine. I use 3.5 liters/hour for the Yanmar 100hp Turbo. Most of the RPM range between 1800 and 2000. This 3.5 liters is a 4,000 hour average and within 5% of actual each time I fill the tank.

Possibly someone with a Santorin can give you the number you need, or just start with a safe 4 liters an hour and adjust with experience.

BeBe 387

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The original fuel dip stick was broken in pieces so i got a new one made.  As soon as i put it in the new one snapped at the bend of the fuel fill hose.  After 3 beers and some we finally got it out.  

So what are my options for monitoring fuel level.

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