Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Climma pump non return valve

Barry Connor

I just put a March magnet drive and kept the non return valve. It works fine, kept the ground wire attached. Very quite and does not get hot.
Bought from Florida, shipped to France. Less than 300€. Came with fittings.
Barry and Penelope
AMEL 54. #17

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Our AC pump stopped working and I am just about to replace this with an Argal Magnet driven pump recommended by Climma – the original pump has a brass non-return valve fitted to its outlet – and I presume that this has a purpose. The pump suppliers tell me that this is not required on the new pump and recommend not installing this because of their tendency to get blocked, unless there is a specific installation reason such as a shared outlet. I was wondering if anyone knows why Amel have installed this – as far as I can work out the outlet is dedicated for the AC water circuit.




SM 472




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