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Part of your problem is that Amel closes for a month in the summer.

That said, I believe that for best results an email to SAV"at" should include the following:
  1. The best and straightforward description of the part(s) that you want to purchase Remember their first language is French, although Maud speaks and writes excellent English.
  2. Your boat's Model and Hull Number
  3. It at all possible, a photo of the part you wish to purchase
  4. I always use the following on the subject line: Parts RFQ BeBe SM #387
  5. When Amel SAV replies to the RFQ (price & availability) I email SAV credit card information.
I usually receive a reply to the RFQ within 2 business days. I think that if you give SAV (Service After Sale) an accurate, clear, and complete description and photo of what you are interested in purchasing, you will receive a prompt response. If not, your email will go to the bottom of the pile.

I would not use terms like, "I think I might..." "...what do you think?"

You should be aware that since owners generally hold Amel responsible for shipments missing in transit, Amel will chose the method of shipment and it will usually be the best and most expensive. You will not have a choice. If you are in the Caribbean, Amel has a service team at Le Marin in Martinique. They stock common parts and can usually get parts for you within a week. The parts are 30% more in Martinique than from La Rochelle, but can be cheaper in the long-run to pick up in Martinique.

Hope this helps you.

BeBe 387
Currently Trinidad

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Can anyone tell me the procedure for ordering parts from Amel?  We've tried for the last month to get a response from them by email to no avail.  They simply don't respond.  There was no particular hurry to justify a phone call but that's next.

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