Re: Masthead lights do not last


Hi Ben & Gayle

On Amel Super Maramu the voltage tends to change when using the diesel generator. If using normal bulbs they are usually specified for 24v and have problems when current goes above 26v.

The following alternatives are available:

- buy bulbs specified for the range between 24-30v

- put in a DCDC converter for the different navigation lights

- change to LEDs that are specified for 24-30v. If using LED a DCDC converter is preffered to stabilize the current and protect the life time of the LED.


DCDC converters could be found on the Internet and are not expensive as long as you are not buying units managing 15 A or more.


We have LEDs and DCDC converters infront of all lamps, navigational equipment and compressors. Have saved a lot of time and money!


Jonas S/Y Lady Annila, SM232, 1998

In Portimao, Portugal.

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