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woods deborah <woodsdeborah_56@...>

Hi Gary/Joel

Having read your note on new windshield. There are
only two things that will delay the onset of crazing
in plastics, keep the sun off(when possible) and DO
NOT USE any chemicals clean only with fresh water. I
would also request a copy of the 'definitive'
procedure for epoxy repairs to keel if possible please
I have recently become an Amel owner Maramu46 - ORION1
and will no doubt have lots of questions to follow! A
previous posting mentioned hull bubbles we have a few
but the boat is a 79 build. Does anyone have any
useful tips for dealing with minor osmosis?

John and Deb (ORION1)
--- amelliahona <> wrote:

Hi Joel:

I hope all is well with you and yours. We just
finished hauling Liahona in Jolly Harbor Antigua
for the hurricane season.

I too would like to know the "definitive procedure"
for priming on the keel.

Also, I just had Laurant replace the starboard
windshield due to crazing, do you have any
thoughts on prevention?

Thanks, Gary Silver

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