Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Santorin motoring light?

woods deborah <woodsdeborah_56@...>

Hi Lars,
This may or not help but on our Maramu the Motoring
(steaming) light, and other mast head light switches
are located just above the cabin door inside the
forward bulkhead between the main saloon and forward
heads (toilets) If you never look up you would never
find them. Let me know if that is where they are

Regards John & Deb Orion1
--- hrkaptajn <> wrote:

I can't seem to find the switch to the motoring
lantern on my 1993
Santorin. And I can't see the lantern on the front
Does the Santorin have a motoring light/lantern
(white) at all, where
is it placed and how do I switch it on?
Help greatly appreciated!

Best Regards
Lars, Denmark
Santorin #79

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