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Tony Robinson <tonywrobinson51@...>

Thank you all for responding - I didn't know there was a belt inside the motor that could break. I'll try and take it to bits to see if that's the problem.

Best regards, Tony Robinson

PS - Joel - many thanks for your note in particular. I am now in direct contact with Michael. BTW, we met once when I was considering buying a 54 when you had your 54 for sale in Florida. I recall you are from Hinsdale where my ex-wife and kids live. Small world.....

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If you email me at lastmd at, I will be happy to share my experience with Bamar. I would rather not do this on the open forum.
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 Michael Last

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Hello everyone.

My genny furler motor - a Balmar - failed yesterday while reefing the genny. I anticipate getting a replacement from either Amel o r Balmar but if this has happened to anyone else and they have comments on repair/replacement I would be grateful to hear.

Regards, Tony Robinson (Catriona R - Amel 54 #102. Currently in Cleopatra Marine, Preveza).

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