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I can't seem to find the switch to the motoring lantern on my 1993
Santorin. And I can't see the lantern on the front mast...
Does the Santorin have a motoring light/lantern (white) at all, where
is it placed and how do I switch it on?
Help greatly appreciated!

Best Regards
Lars, Denmark
Santorin #79
Hi, I was owner of "Kavanga" (# 69, sloop)for 10 years. We had the
motorlight on top of the mast and the switch was on top of the front
door leading from the saloon to the bathroom, next to the switch of the
navigation lights. If it is switched on, you cannot see the light
standing on deck of your own yacht, because the cover of the mast ist
wider than the mast itself. So as you need it - one can see it only
from distance.

Best regards Wolfgang

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