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Hi Eric Millennium/2000 series boats brought all sea water in as on yours, through the one intake/mini sea chest. 'Classic' models such as Kent' s also have separate salt water supply for each head and the anchor wash feeds from the forward head feed. You are on the money regarding the manifold. All SM 53's are now in the window of possible failure. Really a bad thing to happen. You all should check the manifold by removing all branch hose/feeds. This is very important as I have been seeing many failures and near failures on boats I have for sale or recently sold. Better safe than sorry.

Joel F. Potter

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my anchor wash, High pressure wash, and the toilets get their water from the Manifold.
You might want to checkout the manifold. Mine was made of copper and rotted away years ago.
Fair Winds,
SM376 Kimberlite

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> No, Eric. On Kristy each head has its own through-hull intake
> in the "hall" outside each head. The anchor wash gets its
> intake from the one that feeds the forward head.
> In the engine room, the manifold feeds the engines, the A/C
> cooling pump, and the watetmaker.
> Kent
> SM 243
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> Kent,
> Do you have a Jabsco electric toilet with the water coming from
> the manifold via a pump from the engine room? That is how my SM 
> 376 is arranged.
> Fair Winds,
> Eric
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> > Hmmm. That's on the intake side, the joker valves being on the
> > output si! de. I have a strainer between the stopcock and the
> > pump. I'll have to look to see if it has a one way valve as well.
> > Thanks.
> > I have made a practice of filling the head with fresh water
> > every few months or when ever I leave the boat for a week or
> > more, and putting some vegetable oil in before flushing it
> down.
> > I read somewhere that it helps keep the joker valves supple. I
> > also ask the crew to flush for a good 10 seconds after using
> the
> > head to get all debris and urine out of the discharge pipe. I
> > have to change joker valves about twice a year with this regimen.
> > Kent
> > SM243
> > Kristy
> >
> > Kent Robertson
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> >
> > On the hose from the sea cock. It is usual to have a loop in
> the
> > flexible pipe taking it above the heeled water line. There is
> > usually plastic 'u' bend clamped on to the up and down pipes
> to
> > form the u shape. This bend should have a small screw cap
> (like
> > a car tyres valve). Inside is a tiny rubber non return valve.
> It
> > al! lows air into the pipework to prevent the motion of the boat
> > pumping sea water back up the pipe until it siphons back into
> > the toilet.
> >
> > Ian
> >
> >
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