Dual Racor 500 facts or myths?

Judy Rouse

We recently purchased a new supply of Racor filters and noticed that
the color of the plastic on the Racor brand 2 micron filter was now
beige/brown, whereas the previous Racor brand 2 micron filter was

We were discussing this someone else who insisted that the new
redesigned 2 micron filter would not work properly in a Dual Racor 500
that was manufactured prior to 2006. He said that you had to get an
adapter from Racor which was placed on the standpipe prior to
inserting a new filter. He said the adapter looked like a small piece
of PVC pipe that fit over the standpipe. He said if you did not use
the adapter, fuel would bypass the new beige/brown filter and make the
dual Racor inoperable.

I found nothing at the Racor website at

Is this Fact or Myth?

Does anyone have any knowledge of this?


Bill & Judy Rouse
s/v BeBe
SM2 #387

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