Re: Dual Racor 500 facts or myths?

Judy Rouse

We found some information on the it is:
Racor 500 Series Built about 1996 or 1997 and before may need a Spacer
if using the new Racor element 2010 S T or P. This Filter can be
easy identified by the recess at the bottom of the filter.

If not used the filter may go far down into the housing past the hole
in the suction pipe and the filter will be bypassed. Racor Part # 15424

Racor will provide the spacer at no cost - not even a
shipping/handling fee - or you can cut your own from 5/16" i.d. flex
fuel hose, 1 inch in length. Call this number to get your free
spacers: (800-344-3286)


Bill & Judy Rouse
s/v BeBe
SM2 #387

--- In, "Judy" <sailingjudy@...> wrote:

We recently purchased a new supply of Racor filters and noticed that
the color of the plastic on the Racor brand 2 micron filter was now
beige/brown, whereas the previous Racor brand 2 micron filter was

We were discussing this someone else who insisted that the new
redesigned 2 micron filter would not work properly in a Dual Racor 500
that was manufactured prior to 2006. He said that you had to get an
adapter from Racor which was placed on the standpipe prior to
inserting a new filter. He said the adapter looked like a small piece
of PVC pipe that fit over the standpipe. He said if you did not use
the adapter, fuel would bypass the new beige/brown filter and make the
dual Racor inoperable.

I found nothing at the Racor website at

Is this Fact or Myth?

Does anyone have any knowledge of this?


Bill & Judy Rouse
s/v BeBe
SM2 #387

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