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Stephen Davis

Hi Alexandre,

We found new motors for the Tigres Windlass at Le Ship in Martinique for 550 euros this year. The cost is closer to the $1200 if purchased in the USA. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM72

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For the new owners like myself who are intimidated by maintenance they have not performed yet, I illustrated the “Lofrans Tigres Windlass Overhaul”

If I understood correctly, Amel said it was not necessary.
So why did I do it? For the simple reason, that 3 years ago I read an article (by Harry Hungate saying to change the outside seals every 4 years) and purchased at that time 4 complete set of bearings, oil seal, o ring, etc. so instead to keep the parts unused I decided to use them.

With the complications I encountered: seized bolt, broken bolt, etc. it took me 6 half days (30 hours).

1/2 day to unbolt the windlass, 1 bolt alone took 4 hours.
1/2 day to put apart, had to use an extractor on 1 bolt
1/2 day to unsuccessfully open the electric motor to see the brushes… gave up.
1/2 day to clean all the parts
1/2 day to reassemble (didn’t work as expected)
1/2 day to put back together

I feel that regularly maintained, this could be done in 2 half days (10 hours).

Not to be able to inspect the brushes on the electric motor really upset me:
In 2012, when I had the vessel surveyed (prior to purchase), one of the Switch on the Windlass was not working.
A “professional” was hired to change it, changed the Switch but didn’t bother telling me there was rust on the electric motor.
Possibly at the time I could have taken measure to stop the rust.
Another reminder that we should always supervise the work.
This error, means that when the brushes run out, instead to spend the $78 for new ones, I likely will have to spend $1220 (plus shipping) for a new Electric motor 1200 Watt 24 Volt (Lofran part#418b or Imtra part LWP8252)

Anyway, back to the illustration:

Please do not hesitate to comment, especially if I made error, as this can only be beneficial for our group. 

For example:
I am not sure is: Part 15 - Pictures 123 to 128
Since this partially in the Oil, I am not sure i should have put grease.
Since I did, is this going to conflict?

Part 28 - Picture 257 I don’t know why there is a metallic layer on the electric wire of the Chain Counter “Eye” / Sensor
But the sensor works fine.

Since I had to redo the “basic” greasing of the shaft, I took better pictures on Part 30

Here is the link:

They are 302 pictures… so I decided in 32 Sections.

Sincerely, Alexandre
Club Nautico de San Juan, Puerto Rico

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