[Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Dual Racor 500 facts or myths?

Judy Rouse

According to the Racor information supplied with the adapters, the
rubber spacer is required for those units which have a "flat top
surface" on the cross bar at the base of the standpipe. This
description is not very clear to me yet as I have not looked inside
the filter unit.

I believe that the primary source of the confusion is that Racor
decided to change the filter unit and then change the filter elements
without changing the element part number. I have been told that
complete information is on their website, but buried deeply. I have
searched their website and have not been able to locate the
information. You may be able to get more information if you can call
their 800 number at 800-344-3286.

One thing that troubles me is that I met a Beneteau owner yesterday.
He ordered and received delivery of a new Beneteau including a factory
installed dual Racor in 2004. He says that his dual Racor is the
older model and he has to use the adapters. This worries me.
Fortunately, I have obtained some adapters from another cruiser and I
still have a supply of the older red/orange filters, so I will not
have an issue until that supply depletes.


Bill Rouse
s/v BeBe anchored Isla Margarita, VZ
SM2 #387

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Thanks for the Racor filter information. Our dual Racor was
installed by
AMEL in 2005, but I am not sure when it was built. The brown 2
micron filters we
use do not appear to go down below the standpipe hole. Is it obvious
visual inspection when the filter slides too low, or is it more


Charlie & Ruth

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