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 Quite right !
just finishing a major refurbishing of a 1982 maramu, I had to drop the rudder & tackled discovery of dismantling parts without knowing what to expect.
got the recommendation to use graphite packing from a mechanic working on fishing vessels where the shafts are chrome plated steel of heavy diameter; they can take a beating.
looking at our SS shaft, the wear induced by regular friction by graphite packing will induce wear on outer surface ... already found out that the rudder shaft had been replaced recently (< 5 years), and badly stratified at that.
would not wish to plan on another replacement.
will change to teflon impregnated packing.
fair winds

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Take care using graphite packing on stainless shafts.  Graphite is a metal that is higher on the galvanic scale than stainless and I have encountered problems with pitting.  The Teflon impregnated packing seems to work quite well for me.
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good day
do not remove the Delrin ring at the bottom; It is inserted in the stratification of the hull & meant to hold the packing when compressed by the top nut (screwed on).
to prevent leaks select proper size & material
on our Maramu we use for packing  'Tresse graphitée special marine (by Maucour BTR.73.C08) - 8 mm2' - guess it will be the same on your SM.
cut to size (190 mm lgth on Maramu), slanted cut shape to block it when compressing; mount around rudder shaft, use grease to improve contact with shaft & do not tighten immediatly - let sea water wet it & gorge it nicely; tighten progressively until no more water creeps up.
took 2 days to reach dry condition.
Note : shipchandlers have proper packing, different makes & grease ... key is to tighten progressively avoid displacement when compressed.
fair winds
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To all,
I'm on the way to replace the rudder packing...too much leakage after turning the nut twice.
I have removed the big white nut, not the hold packing,
The issue is that now I see on the bottom a white ring without any cut on it, as my new packing rings have.
It seams to me very hard and difficult to remove.
Before to do any damage drilling it to fix 2 screw and to pull it out
I wish to know if you had similar experience.
I know the previous posts about it ( by Bill and Richard )
Thanks so much for your support....the day after tomorrow I have to return on the water.
Giovanni TESTA
La Reunion

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