Lofrans Tigres Winch


I had a time getting the inner clutch cone off, to the point I ordered a new inner clutch cone ("ICC").  When I tried to mount it, it won't go on the shaft.  The new one and the old one have the same part number embossed on the part, so it should fit.  Imtra tells me they have no history with such a complaint on the winch.

If I take the key out and rotate the new "ICC" a few degrees it will fit on.  With the key in it won't.  I tried the old "ICC" and it will only fit on within a range of a few degrees either side of the key, but it appears someone widened the key slot.  It seems like the shaft is oval or twisted, but that would take an enormous force.  

Has anyone else had this experience?


Wanderer, SM#477

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