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The problem was most likely caused by not greasing the cone, or tightening the clutch too tight, causing all of the anchor load to rest on the key. If so, the key is twisted and no longer square and will not fit a new ICC. The key slot on the axle may also be no longer square. I would first try a new key with the new ICC, then if that does not work, you may need a machine shop to clean things up. Of course, you could replace the axle, ICC, and key.

This is the reason I always harp on a annual greasing of the cone and using a long snubber.

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I had the key twist in the slots to the point that it widened the slot in the ICC.  I had a new slot cut in the gypsy 30 degrees or so off the old slot.  Has worked ok since.  Not sure what your problem might be.
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I had a time getting the inner clutch cone off, to the point I ordered a new inner clutch cone ("ICC").  When I tried to mount it, it won't go on the shaft.  The new one and the old one have the same part number embossed on the part, so it should fit.  Imtra tells me they have no history with such a complaint on the winch.

If I take the key out and rotate the new "ICC" a few degrees it will fit on.  With the key in it won't.  I tried the old "ICC" and it will only fit on within a range of a few degrees either side of the key, but it appears someone widened the key slot.  It seems like the shaft is oval or twisted, but that would take an enormous force.  

Has anyone else had this experience?


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