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Hi mark. I would think that the rapid degrading of the prop zinc indicates it is providing essential protection for your shaft and propeller. In the absence of the zinc I would think you would get serious  degrading. I would keep replacing it as nessesary. As to the rudder zinks. I would be concerned if I replaced them and found a reduction in the rate of degradation. That would suggest to me a reduction in protection, either from a poor contact or poor quality zink.
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The plastic cap on my Autoprop was lost a couple of years ago.  I have replaced it with a zinc cap made for this prop.  The problem is that the prop zincs do not last more than 3 or 4 months before enough zinc is eaten away and a hole appears in the prop cap anode.  I have a galvanic isolator and my rudder zincs loose about one-third or one-quarter of their  mass a year.  So why does the prop anode/cap do so poorly since it is not tied to the bonding system? Should I be concerned?

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