SM Mizen furling Drive shaft unscrewing itself from the gear box

Graham Boyd


Dear All

When I tried to furl the mizen sail into the mast using a winch
handle in the hole on the front of the mizen mast, after a few turns
the sail would no longer furl and the winch handle turned freely as
though the gear box at the bottom of the furling foil had broken. I
disconnected the gear box from the mast and discovered that the
drive shaft that goes through the mast into the gear box had become
unscrewed from the gear box. I screwed the drive shaft back into the
gear box and tried the system again but it continues to become
unscrewed and you can't furl the sail.

How do I get this drive shaft to remain screwed into the gear box? Is
there a pin that has perhaps sheared? or do I just put epoxy glu on
the screw threads and hope it holds?

I look forward to your help and advice with this problem,

Graham G Boyd

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