Re: Canopy for AMEL 54


I recently a 53 SM 1998. The previous owner used a canopy produced by
"Shade Tree" []. It comes in 3 sections to
cover the entire boat. Some of the sections and tent pole pieces are
quite worn, and in need of repair, which makes assembly and
disassembly quite difficult. The middle section and poles are in very
good shape, and even though thats the biggest section, it goes on the
easiest. It has taken me about 1-2 hours to set up and to break down,
but each time I do it it goes faster. It provides great sun
protection. I plan to get the worn sections repaired as well as get
some new pole sections, and that should make the assembly/disassembly
process much easier and faster.

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Our vessel is presently moored in Spanish Waters,Curacao and will be
there thru November/December. We would like to have a canopy made to
cover the vessel and us from the hot sun. Plus it would help keep the
interior cooler. So we are looking for recommendations & names of
businesses we could contact in Curacao to make a portable canopy.

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