Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] No power to SSB


I don't have the same converter, but I have had other converters fail due to a blown fuse.  I suspect yours has a fuse as well.  If the rocker switch wasn't accidentally turned off (the timing suggests that your failure may be due to something related to removing your satellite system), I'd look for a fuse next.

Kent Robertson
SM 243

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As a result of removing a hardwired satellite broadband phone/internet system from Wanderer, I now have no power to the SSB.  The Broadband system was wired to the breaker for the SSB in the hanging locker.  After I had the wiring for it removed I checked the SSB and no power.  So I put the wiring back that had fed the Broadband and still no joy.

I started checking tonight to see if I could trace it down and found that I have no power coming out of the Mastervolt 24/12V converter in the locker below the nav desk.  There is 24V power coming to the converter.  There is no on/off switch on the units (I found the user manual on line and it agrees).  

Anybody have an idea why the 24/12Volt converter isn't working?





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