SM Jib Furler Failure.


In the SM jib furler, there is an aluminum plate that transfers the torque from the motor to the foil via the release pin.  It has one large hole in it that accepts the release pin, and smaller holes which take machine screws down into the rotating part of the motor.

Yesterday while sailing in 20 to 25 knots of wind, close-hauled, with the jib rolled up to its second reef mark, that plate self destructed, cracking into several pieces releasing the jib foil from the furler motor.  I am happy to report the manual furling system does work, after a fashion.  

I haven’t had the chance to disassemble things yet to see if other damage occurred as well which might have either caused, or been caused by, the plate failure.

Anybody see this failure before? Other than it’s old and showed signs of corrosion, which is certainly sufficient to be the primary cause, anybody have another potential cause I should look out for?

Bill Kinney

SM#160, Harmonie

Chesapeake Bay, VA, USA

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