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Check with Amel for:
  Prop hub and screws
  Tube seal
  Prop shaft seal
  Foam donuts (3)

That should do it for normal service...however, you may want to open it and replace the bearings.

When corrosion occurs that seizes the tube, it is almost always oxidation (rust) of the cast iron motor connection at the tube. The corrosion expands the cast iron and "clamps" the tube in place. Spraying in those holes will get some penetrating fluid where you need it and spraying upward at the joint. Use an entire stay can over 2-3 days.

Amel designed a tool which will separate the tube. It clamps onto the tube, then treaded bolts push the tube out of the corrosion-packed connection. It is pictured in the Files section. The number one tool you need is patience.

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  I need to service the bow thruster on my 46' 1987 Maramu.  Can anyone provide me a list of the normal parts to order with part numbers if possible?

   Also,  my thruster has not been serviced in a number of years and I suspect the motor shaft is stuck on the vertical drive shaft.  I removed the 4 bolts securing the composite tube and did some gentle tapping and tugging with no movement.  There is no corrosion evident between the composite tube and the motor housing since the previous owner keeper that we'll lubricated.  I was hoping that I could spray through the holes for the bolts securing the composite tube to the motor housing but I noted that on my thruster the holes only go part of the way through the composite tube.  Do the bolt holes go all of the way through the opposite tube on the SM?  If so,  is there any reason that I cou ld not drill on through one holes so that I can spray the drive shaft?  One of the holes has stripped threads so I was thinking of drilling deeper to retap the threads but I don't know how thick the tube is etc.   Any guidance here would be appreciated.


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