Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bonding

David Vogel <dbv_au@...>

Greets all,

Regarding the zinc on the prop, I've seen it mentioned that this is unnecessary due to the AMEL-style bonding system, with everything bonded to everything else.  However, as I currently understand it, the reason for the zinc on the prop, is because with a stainless prop shaft attached to the dissimilar bronze of the prop, and because this is underwater, this creates a galvanic couple.  So, to minimise the potential effects of this galvanic couple, it is best to place a zinc as close as possible to that underwater connection.   And also, minimise the opportunity for adverse effects should there be a failure, or deterioration, in the bonding circuit between shaft -to- transmission -to- bonding-circuit -to- rudder-post -to- rudder-zincs connections.

Happy to be corrected.  However, in the interim, I personally would be placing a zinc on the prop/shaft to take all possible steps to minimise the potential for galvanic corrosion of the shaft or the prop.



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