Re: sm jib furler failure.

Gary Wells

For the record, Amel Caribe in Martinique oversaw and provided parts for a refit of the whole attachment system last July. The rivets were removed, the holes enlarged and backing plate pieces slid into the slots to reinforce the tube. Then steel hex bolts were threaded through the foil tube, spacers and into new threads made on the furler. It's hugely stronger and won't ever elongate the holes or break rivets. It won't shear either, so that part is given up. Tef-gel or Lanacote required to help hold off dissimilar metal galvanic corrosion.
So far i'm happy with with the conversion. No special tools required now should I have to separate the foil from the furler.

ALSO: there is a hard nylon piece that slides inside the swivel to prevent any play between the locating table the swivel and the groove in the foil. It's called simply the "Crayon" (because it kind of looks like one :) It's a cool little piece that prevents wear to both the foil and the swivel. Sorry if that was sort of off topic :)

Gary W.
SM 209 Adagio
Fiumicino, Italy

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