Decking systems for Euros


Hello everybody,
I'm owner of An Euros with a cockpit remade in teak. Unfortunately the
installation was poor or the deck is very old (or both...). In any
case, I need to replace it. I'm not very fond of teak in a cruising
yacht (they are wonderful on a tradition/classic yacht, but beauty
being probably their only quality) and I'd like to replace with
something else. The original gelcoat has been badly damaged durig the
installation and I'm looking for some alternatives and suggestions. Has
anybody tried Flexiteek? I've heard of a product called "Aikon" but I
cannot find it on the web. Does anybody knows it? I was wondering about
the decking system of later Amel models, If I'm not mistaking it should
be some kind of anti-skidding gelcoat, am I right? I'd appreciate any
ideas, suggestions, informations and advices. Thank you all.
Euros#166 Karyan

PS: By the way any other ideas on the cockpit table?

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