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I cut my green light open with a jewelers saw and replace the led with 2 LED’s and glued it back together . Now it is very bright.

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The Green 220VAC light on BeBe has gotten dimmer with age. I have not looked, but I am guessing it is a 220VAC LED.

This, or something similar would likely work:


You may want to consider installing something more than a bulb, which really tells you nothing.


I installed a CruzPro VAF110. It is a TriData meter that tells me Volts, Amps being consumed, and Frequency (50 or 60htz).



This gives me data on shore power and on generator power, which ever source is delivering power to the main AC breaker box.


I am sure that there are other meters/gauges that do the same thing.






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Sorry Ian.  I inadvertently left signature line off.  My bad.  Thanks for info.  I will contact Amel as I have other parts I need order.  

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Joe ( I am guessing , since you don't give your name ) , 

I am about to have a new bulb fitted by Amel in Hyeres   , so I'm sure they would sell you one . 


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Has anyone had the AC panel green light fail?  Mine failed -  lots of Power from genset or shore but no light.  I assume it is small 220v AC bulb.  Can anyone recommend a source ?


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