Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Yanmar starting problems


To electrically isolate the engine AMEL installs a second selonoid in the
ground side of the started motor circuit. If this selonoid does not activate
properly the engine will not start. Your problem sounds like a problem with
this selonoid. It is probably caused by either a fault in the selonoid or a poor
connection in the selonoid activation circuit.

The standard selonoid has a black rubber button at one end. If you hold this
button in while someone turns the starter key the engine should start. If it
starts you know the problem is as suggested above. Otherwise, it is possible,
although unlikely, that there is an intermittent fault somewhere else in the
starting circuits.
Since the starter does not turn, and when it does the engine starts, there
appears to be no problem with the engine, just with the power to the starter
motor or perhaps the brushes in the starter.

Good luck,

Barcelona, SPAIN

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