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Hi Paul,

I have a new SSB ICOM 801E with Shakespeare dedicated HF antenna.  I have an insulated stabilising ring attached to the STBD side of the solar panels.  I think if you look inside the starboard side of the aft lazarette, you will  find the factory installed ground (attached to the big grounding plate on the STBD side of your rudder).  My tuner is located there and is connected via a short lead to the stern mounted antenna.

IIRC, Amel does not like an insulated backstay as an antenna.


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It has to be a certain length between insulators, Paul.  I think it's something like 20 feet.
  Mount your antenna tuner as close to the back stay used as possible.  Mine is in the starboard aft corner of the lazarette.
When transmitting, there is potential for shock at the antenna.  Mount it so that no one can grab the antenna above the lower insulator.  On Kristy the lower insulator is about 6 ft above the deck.

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I have installed a SSB radio, currently only using a lose cable as antenna. Now I concidder using one of the twin backstay as antenna by installing two insulators. Is there any pit falls or anything special to concidder before proceeding?
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