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When I installed my SSB I opted to add a fiberglass antenna. This is the way the Amel factory does it. I think the logic is that if you ever lose the rig you (might) still have a SSB antenna. And, adding isolators is adding another potential failure point of the rigging.


There are not really performance issues with either method.


Another option is to use a GAM / McKim Split Lead Antenna. These have now been around long enough to have been field tested and offer reliable performance. Had I known about this product before installing the antenna, I would have gone this route. It is also fully insulated to prevent shock (as Kent described). Here is a link:|344|2028695|2029059&id=332511


Something else you may consider if you installed a SSB with DSC and auto distress calling. The DSC requires a separate antenna. For this, I used an antenna splitter and used the whether-fax antenna on the triatic stay.


Hope this helps.


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I have installed a SSB radio, currently only using a lose cable as antenna. Now I concidder using one of the twin backstay as antenna by installing two insulators. Is there any pit falls or anything special to concidder before proceeding?
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