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Let me add one thing to what Mark has said:

If you are part of Jimmy Cornell's Atlantic Odyssey from the Canaries to the Caribbean, Jimmy has a free SSB tuning and consultation with a radio technician from Italy as part of the Odyssey package.

We used the guy to fine tune some of our SSB/Pactor settings which helped us considerably.

BeBe 387

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Thank you Mark

The split line antenna was my first option, but could not get hold of one in Europe.
Now we are in the Canaries and will soon cross the Atlantic so would be good to have the SSB running on a better antenna than just a cable hanging "loose" along the back stay. Therefore I thought the insulated back stay is a good idea, we have a satphone as back up, and EPIRB so sequrity should not be a major issue for the SSB
Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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