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Craig Briggs

While the Amel factory may have used fiberglass antennae, on our SN the factory used two sets of isolators. One set on the starboard mizzen backstay for the SSB and a second set on the triactic stay for the weatherfax antenna. I think this was their standard procedure.
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When I installed my SSB I opted to add a fiberglass antenna. This is the way the Amel factory does it. I think the logic is that if you ever lose the rig you (might) still have a SSB antenna. And, adding isolators is adding another potential failure point of the rigging.


There are not really performance issues with either method.


Another option is to use a GAM / McKim Split Lead Antenna. These have now been around long enough to have been field tested and offer reliable performance. Had I known about this product before installing the antenna, I would have gone this route. It is also fully insulated to prevent shock (as Kent described). Here is a link:|344|2028695|2029059&id=332511


Something else you may consider if you installed a SSB with DSC and auto distress calling. The DSC requires a separate antenna. For this, I used an antenna splitter and used the whether-fax antenna on the triatic stay.


Hope this helps.


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I have installed a SSB radio, currently only using a lose cable as antenna. Now I concidder using one of the twin backstay as antenna by installing two insulators. Is there any pit falls or anything special to concidder before proceeding?
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