Re: The importance of your transmission oil cooler


It has been a while since the post but I thought I would add this comment for anyone looking at transmission oil cooler issues.  About a year ago we picked up a spare transmission cooler from a dealer in Malta. We met up with Bebe in Siracusa, Sicily and Bill gave us a source for a good deal in Malta, our next stop.  When I received the spare (he delivered it to the boat and we talked a bit), the specialist told me that the part virtually never fails but when it does it is almost always due to over-tightening the hose clamp when reinstalling.  This cracks the soldered joint internally and allows seawater to mix with the ATF.  In examining the new spare it was easy to see how this could happen.  So if you clean or inspect it or even replace it, you or your service tech may want to be careful during the re-installation process to use only a moderate amount of clamping pressure.
Bob, KAIMI SM 429

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