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Many sailboats are made without the tube (hose or conduit). I assume that Amel's purpose of the hose is to increase the life of the in-mast wiring. As example, a 35 year-old Maramu had its VHF antenna wire recently replaced for the first time. I have a friend with a Catalina 48 who replaced all of the main mast wiring when it was 8 years old.

On BeBe, 387, the tube (hose) is very visible inside the inspection plate. There is a separation or opening at the first spreader where the radar wire normally connects. There are also several strings placed in the tube by Amel. One string goes to the opening at the first spreader and the other two to the top of the mast. These strings are used to pull new wire. The strings have a piece of plastic tied to the string about every two meters. This makes pulling the string a little difficult, but keeps the strings and wires from wrapping around each other.

Possibly, most Amels are made this way.


BeBe 387

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I guess that is why mine is banging inside the mast.It must have come detached and dropped into view!
Hopefully someone may have more knowledge of its installation.
Best wishes

Ocean Hobo SN96

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