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James Alton


   One really great thing about fiberglass is that with the proper technique and material, it is possible to restore the strength lost when damaged.  The basics are to remove all of the fractured glass using a grinder.  You don't have to make a big mess on a project like this since there are tools such as the roloc discs that can be chucked into a variable speed drill and operated at a fairly slow speed using 24-36 grit so that a good wet dry vacuum (use a bag rather than just a filter) will pick up 99% of the dust.  Next you need to measure the thickness of the laminate and multiply that dimension by at least 8 and preferably ten to layout your scarfs.  The scarf greatly increases the bonding surface and evens out the load.  It is the same principle as scarfing wood.  The scarf needs to be cut down to a feather edge to restore as much strength as possible.  I believe that in your case that you can add an inside patch over the fracture which would give you a solid Base to hold your feather edges and strengthen the repair as well.  I like to use a vinyl ester resin instead of polyester since the bond is better as are the physicals.   You can also use a good epoxy which bonds great but may not be as hard or as temperature stable unless you use an elevated cure epoxy.  I don't yet know what the layup of that part of an Amel is but generally you try to replace the same fiber orientation and fabric that was used when possible.  The repair once cured needs to be restored to the correct shape per original except you need to make it just a small amount lower to provide room for your gel coat.  Colour matching gel coat and deck patterns can perhaps be the hardest part.  The gel coat is important to protect the resin (especially epoxies) from UK so coat it with something.  

James Alton
SV Sueno, Maramu 46
Sardinia, Italy

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A couple of our locker at the bow, have cracks in the fibreglass, and now bend, where the knob screws down on the lip...

Anyone have a good way of repairing this ?



Elyse SM437

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