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Hi James,

I have SM #345 "Life is Good".
I bought her in Trinidad one year ago.
My boat was made just after your.
I live in Annapolis. We will stay home this year.
I hope to see you and your boat some day.

Vladimir and Marina
202 258 1916

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Hi Bill,
We have crew/friends arriving on the 25th of October and will then be watching the weather. I don't expect we'll leave until early November.


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Welcome to the Group.

When do you cross?

BeBe 387

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Hi All,
 although I've been a fairly quiet member of this group for some time now, I thought that I would mention Chloe and I are the new(ish) owners SeaBean (SM#344). Well, actually, we have owned her for months. Time flies with two young children and boat projects! Sorry for the late introduction.

We bought the boat from Michel and had the survey done by Olivier (Merci pour le très bon travail!). We felt doing that gave us the best chance at a good boat and so far, I think we've done pretty well.

Shortly after we bought the boat we had the rigging replaced by X-Voiles in Hyeres. Although we did have a problem that only came to light in the Gibraltar, they flew out to the Canaries when we arrived and took care of it. As much as we'd all like everything to be perfect first time, I can't say enough about how important customer service is and they really came through. As mentioned before, Olivier at X-Voiles, is a wonderful resource of knowledge and showed me a great deal as he was working on the rig. He knows the rigs of these boats exceptionally well.

And, we have new sails from Q-Sails in turkey (Thanks Bill/Bebe). We only just received them up before we left Gibraltar, but they are very nice indeed.

Thanks to this group I've managed to take care of all the big items of maintenance and service. Although I could probably have struggled through it, I hate to think how much longer it'd take, especially with the kids running around. Thank you all so much! 

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and I hope to run into you as we go.

 James & Chloe Studdart
 SeaBean SM#344
 Las Palmas, Grand Canaria

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