Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Forward bildge water


Thanks, Ian;
Since putting in the bowthruster pin I've noticed no more water. But
I've just been at dock. We'll see what happens next time I go
sailing. I also plan to change the bowthruster seals soon. I imagine
Amel has those seals? Who do I contact at Amel for these kinds of
parts. Olivier? Please advise.

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<sv_freespirit@...> wrote:

Hi Dave,

You are experiencing a common problem. The seals on the bow thruster
eventually leak and cause the lower forward bilge to slowly fill
with water
I mostly solved this by building up a rubber dam around the box
where the
bow thruster tube goes through the hull. To do this I used a 5" to 4.5"
rubber pipe converter that I found in one of those 'have everything'
hardware stores in the US. I fitted polythene tubing to connecters
on the
port and starboard sides of the dam (1 for each tack) and joined
them via a
Y connector to a single pipe that I connected to the chain locker
drain tube
via a brazed on barbed connector. This arrangement caught most of the
leakage and I was again able to use the under floor area as stowage.

Following a catastrophe with a SM 2000, Amel redesigned the whole of
the bow
thruster enclosure on later boats. Apart from getting rid of the
curtain and enclosing the bow thruster behind a water tight access door,
they made the rear bow thruster bulkhead without the holes that
drain into
the bilge area. They fitted a drain pipe to the bulkhead that also
to the chain drain pipe so that any water that leaks past the seals is
carried away to the engine room bilge.

This might be an easier option for you than my rubber dam solution.
I can't
be sure as I now have the later design and I don't recall the exact
of the earlier boat. It should not be too difficult to fibreglass in the
holes and fit a drain tube that connects to the valve assembly on
the chain
locker pipe.

Good luck

Ian Shepherd SM 414 Crusader

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From: drdavegoodman
Date: 06/30/07 06:05:28
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Forward bildge water

Hello all;
In the process of preparing to install an electric toilet in the
forward head, I checked the forward bildge next to the head where the
seawater intake thru hull is located. I found a small amount of water
(1-2 inches) in the bildge. I did some investigating on the owners
site and found the info below, Kimberit and others indicate the
likely source is the bowthruster needing seal replacement, and further
indicates this can be done in while in the water using "bowthruster
removal tools." The info I have on board about the bowthruster is
very sketchy. I have contacted Amel for a boat manual several days
ago but so far they have been unresponsive. Any further advice would
be appreciated.

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The editor dropped the decimal point . my thruster takes 3/10 of a
of oil.

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From: kimberlt [mailto:kimberlt@]
Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2004 12:44 AM
Subject: RE: [Amel Yacht Owners] Annual Haul Out

Where are you located?

We rebuilt the bow thruster as we were getting water and oil
coming into
the bilge due to the thruster leaking at the rear seal.
The rebuild is very straight forward if the boat is out of the
water. If
you boat is in the water you can remove it by using the bow thruster
removal tools.
The removal of the thruster is covered in the manual.
Once you have the thruster out turn it upside down to drain the oil.
Having done this remove the prop. Behind this you will find a lip seal
similar to the one on the prop shaft except smaller. Just pry it out
grease a new one and install it. It can be pushed in very easily. It
appeared Amel uses some blue silicone to hold it in on the outside
On the thruster's vertical shaft, you will find two foam seals
that are
just removed by hand. Glue two new ones in place. Where the thruster
goes through the hull there is another lip seal held in by two screws.
Just remove this and install a new one. On top of this seal was
spongy disk seal, which we also glued down. Then just fill the
with point 3 (3 liters) of 90 weight oil.
I believe thrusters vary from boat to boat as Bel Ami, which was
next to
me, took ¾ liter of oil, and has a different mounting arrangement. My
owner's manual has a good drawing of the cross section of the bow

Will you be in the virgins mid February?

Fair winds,
S/m 376 Kimberlite.

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From: amelliahona []
Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2004 12:12 AM
Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Annual Haul Out

Hi Eric:
I saw your boat at Marina Cay in Road Town a couple of weeks ago.
Looked bristol. Could you please describe in detail the bow
thruster seal service process? What do you need to check on the
rudder screws? Do you just need to check that they are tight?
Thanks, Gary Silver Liahona Hull # 335 Sea Cow Bay, Tortola

-- In, kimberlt <kimberlt@o...> wrote:
We just had our bottom done. It was sanded and we had 2 coats of
ultima ablative paint applied. We used 5 gallons.
I also replaced the two lip seals for the bow thruster- one on the
thruster shaft and one in the thruster through hull opening and 3
inserts. You should also replace the wearing out bearing and the 3
on the prop shaft and the sail drive oil. The zincs on the rudder
the zinc and bearings on the weed cutter if you have one. Also,
the screws in the rudder hinge.
Fair winds,
SM 376 kimberlite

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