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Mark and everyone else,

Check this out on eBay.

I think this is the same plastic momentary switch that is at Budget Marine. It is US $6.99 with free US shipping:

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I believe that you can replace each of the push button momentarily ON switches with something similar if you cannot find the rubber covers. I have seen these in several marine chandlery shops.

I will be in Budget Marine In Trinidad tomorrow and will check the size of their item AAA/10206 and AAA/10208 which appears to be an exact replacement.þ+Relays/Switches/Push+Buttons+-+Momentary/Product.aspx#.V_ptLWVOloN

I'll let you know.

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I was recently told by Maud that Amel no longer stocks the rubber covers for the Amel modified windless. They do have another option but are out of stock and I must purchase the entire kit including the electronics.


Does anyone have a source for these rubber covers (preferably in the USA). Click the link below for a picture:




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