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Fitting at water pressure tank Amel 54
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Fitting at water pressure tank Amel 54 

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Thanks Bill for the prompt response, as always.

The main issue I currently have, is the brass fitting at the supply side of the water pressure tank. Some one has just taken a 90 degree brass fitting, drilled two holes on the sides and tapped the brass fitting in order to attach the water pressure gauge and the water pressure switch. As you can imagine, the thickness on the side of this fitting only allows for two or three turns to be tapped which have now stripped.

I do have a marked up picture of the existing that I have e-mailed to Amel. I had also downloaded the picture you had posted from your Super Maramu and have sent both to Amel. I will post these pictures for reference.

If some one has an unmodified Amel 54 fitting and schematic diagram, it would definitely help

Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo 
Amel 54 #099

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