Judy Rouse


The nylon prop screws hold the prop on the prop hub which has a
stainless pin that goes through the prop shaft. After you remove the
(old) screws and the prop, you should press the pin out and remove the
(old) prop hub.

If I remember correctly, the replacement prop comes comes screwed to
the hub. You will have to remove the (new)prop from the hub to be
able to mount the hub on the shaft with its stainless pin. Once this
is done, you can screw the (new) prop on...This may sound confusing,
but once you have done it, you will see it is fairly straight forward.


Bill & Judy Rouse
s/v BeBe
SM2 #387

--- In, "dan_bergin" <captdan@...> wrote:

Having trouble with reinstalling my Bow Thruster Prop. The old one
shattered it's blades and I was successful at removing the old prop
while the boat is still in the water. Maybe I am missing something but
removing the 6 nylon screws was not enough to get the old prop off. It
took lots of force and prying with a screw driver. No damage to the
nylon hub noted. I have both a new nylon hub and prop but cannot get
the new prop to slip on. Does anyone have a good way to reinstall a
Dan Bergin
SM #317
in port Vancouver, BC

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