Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Connector at the water pressure Tank

Bill Kinney <greatketch@...>

You have a pipe “elbow” that for some strange reason was drilled and tapped to turn it into a pipe cross.  As you discovered, this is not a good idea. 

You need a real standard pipe “cross” and a reducing bushing or two to fit the pressure gauge, pressure switch, and tubing fitting.  It could also be done with two tees if a cross is hard to find. Two “tees” might also give you some flexibility in orientation that will make things easy to assemble.

This isn’t something you need to go to Amel for.  Brass or PVC would be suitable choices for material and your corner hardware store will likely have the parts.

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Here's a link to the photo I just uploaded. This is the existing "non-factory" fitting that is currently installed adn needs to be replaced.

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