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I think it is probably impossible for someone to assess your situation without an inspection and the expertise to evaluate the entire situation, but I will offer a non-expert comment.

The best thing about the keel on Amels is that it is cast iron. From what I have seen, cast iron will oxidize in saltwater and the oxidation will partially and temporarily seal the iron...but saltwater will continue to slowly creep under the epoxy and cause the area of oxidation to increase. From what I have seen, I think a delay of 6 months to recoat the cast iron with epoxy is not an issue. I do wonder if the iron itself is dented?

But, let me further comment. Recently, at Peakes in Trinidad, I saw an X Yacht (55-60') which had hit something with its epoxy encapsulated lead keel. Not only was the keel deformed, and epoxy cracked, but the lead was also cracked in the center and back edge of the keel. I assume that the back edge cracked because of compression from the front collision. I could not believe that the owner had only the epoxy repaired over the cracks in the lead. I hope that there is not a plan to sell this boat to new owners.

Epoxy-coated cast iron is sometimes criticized by non-Amel owners because of it will oxidize when the epoxy is cracked. This is true about our keels, but an epoxy encapsulated lead keel will deform, crack and possibly have disastrous consequences. Thank you Henri Amel for your knowledge and your choice of cast iron.

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I hit a rock and put a small-ish dent on the front of the iron keel.  It seems to have broken through the epoxy and exposed the iron in a 6 inch by 2 inch  (15 cm by 5 cm)  section.  My question is whether I need to have this repaired now or can I wait until Spring when the boat is due to be hauled for a new anti-fouling,

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