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Barry Connor

Hi Mohammed,
Yes, we have the original fittings on the fresh water pressure pump.
Olivier said to always where possible keep everything original, what you think might not mean much can change something else.
We did though change the A/C cooling pump when Hyeres were out of stock, we got a 230v Marsh magnetic drive unit from Florida, it is silent works OK so far and does not get hot. I am looking at changing the 12v Surflow refrigeration cooling pumps with a 12v Marsh magnetic pump. I will make sure the A/C pump is OK first. These magnetic Marsh pumps do not have a drive shaft that could leak. I could only find them in US not available in EU.

Barry and Penny
AMEL 54 #16
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Marina Di Ragusa

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Thank you Barry. The pictures will definitely help. We also had to replace the rubber bladder (purchased in Lesvos Greece) and the pressure switch (purchased in Turkey), The replacement was not a difficult task, but the removal and replacement caused the tapped fitting to be stripped. The fitting that you have seems the same as ours. So maybe my assumption that this was a replacement fitting was incorrect.

Thanks Again
Mohammad and Aty
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