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I missed that it was the gauge. Before you do anything, buy a new gauge and use some silicone tape on it. When my manifold stripped it was a brass fitting before the pressure other words, brass to brass. I am thinking the threads on the gauge stripped but maybe not the marine brass manifold.

I am sorry I missed that...please try a new guage and let me know.

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Thanks again bill. It is surprising how you seem to have detailed information on most any topic that arises. I guess spending more than 10 years maintaining systems in an organized fashion does that. 

The pictures sent by Barry of Amel #016 that just had their systems serviced in Hyeres seems to suggest that we have the original connector/manifold installed on our 54. As you indicated, I think I tightened too much in order to get the gauge in the proper position and ended up stripping the threads. I do have and use JBWeld but since we are back in States for a few months, wanted a permanent solution. I do have an e-mail to Maude at Amel and waiting for her response.

Hoping that you will continue to contribute to this great forum in the future.

Thank you
Mohammad and Aty
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