Amel rigging

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Hi all,

             One tip I thought I would pass on.   When Xvoiles were rerigging our boat the other day I noticed their top of the range, long handled,  Swiss bolt cutters and proudly told them that we had the same item on board.

 "These are no use on a boat " was their comment. On quick reflection I could see what they meant.  To hold each handle and to squeeze them together won't work. You need to put one handle on the deck and press down with both hands on the other. That won't work on an Amel if you lost your rig. Imagine it.

Their answer is much simpler, cheaper and works. Buy yourself three big hack saws and 20 blades, making sure that the blades you buy are specified for stainless wire. That way you can cut the rig at whatever angle the wire is at; two of you can cut at the same time whilst a third ( if you have three on board ) can change blades.

 You live and learn in this life. Hopefully you will never use these items in anger, but you never know.

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Hyeres


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