Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] RE:[Amel Keel


Whoops! Regarding the keel coating instructions, there's a typo. Of
Course 1' X 3" should be 1' X 3' or 30 cm X 91 cm. Sorry.

In response to Bob on Brittany de la Mer, the metal parts securing the
rudder to the skeg are stainless steel. Be sure to add some
texture/roughen up the surface before coating. There is a bronze
"DYNA-PLATE" on the actual skeg itself which should never be
painted. Usually a good pressure washing when hauled, followed by
using a bronze bristled hand brush will restore the "DYNA PLATE"
to it's original condition. This is the ground plate for SSB/HAM
radio and it won't work if it is painted.

Good Luck
Joel F. Potter, AMEL 54, Hull # 14, HOLLIS

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