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Thanks Bill - Ok, I'll tighten everything up as suggested by Alexandre per your method, and wait and see for the time being.  You're right, the amount of water out of the kitchen faucet, if not careful, is a real gusher. 

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It's a bit hard to answer for sure with out seeing all the bits of your system. Standard fiber reinforced vinyl hose is rated for 125 psi for cold water. Not sure if it's rating for hot water, but I suspect it might be getting marginal. In any event, vinyl hose requires a REALLY hard hand tightening hose clamps by the time you get to 80 psi.  Use a small wrench instead of a screwdriver to get the last bit of torque. Faucets and hard plumbed fittings will not have an issue with 80 psi. 

One of the real problems on a cruising boat with an 80 psi setting is the amount of water you waste, no matter how careful you are. It just comes out faster than you need or can use. 

The pressure switch on our (non-AMFA) pump was a 60 psi switch. When it failed we replaced it with a 40 and find that totally adequate. In fact it's hard to note the difference. 

Bill Kinney
S/V Harmonie, SM160
Annapolis, MD

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Hi all,

The previous owner replaced the freshwater pump with a JABSCO Deck Wash pump running at 80psi. 

Studying literature and back-tracking through this group (thanks Bill, Alexandre, Kent, Alan, et al), I see that the standard install (AMFA Reya 66b fresh water pump ) is set with pressure between ~1 to 2 bar (15-30psi).

My question is: am I courting danger with an over-pressurized freshwater circuit?  I noted some leaks for the freshwater manifolding on the aft bulkhead of the engine room, and initially thought that this may be due to the seals and so on being dried out after 20 months on the hard, but now I'm not so sure.

Any thoughts or insights?

Moonshot, SM#396, NEB
Rhode Island

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