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Judy Rouse


Your solution would certainly work. We chose a different option. If
the bow thruster seals start to leak, we want to know it to that we
can replace them. So we installed a very loud water-intrusion alarm
in the forward bilge area. Since we started pinning the bowthruster
in the up position when sailing to weather, there has been no water
intrusion. But if the seals start to leak then we will know about it
immediately so that we can attend to the appropriate routine
maintenance of replacing the seals.

S/V BeBe
SM2 #387

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Hi Dave,

You are experiencing a common problem. The seals on the bow thruster
eventually leak and cause the lower forward bilge to slowly fill
with water
I mostly solved this by building up a rubber dam around the box
where the
bow thruster tube goes through the hull. To do this I used a 5" to 4.5"
rubber pipe converter that I found in one of those 'have everything'
hardware stores in the US. I fitted polythene tubing to connecters
on the
port and starboard sides of the dam (1 for each tack) and joined
them via a
Y connector to a single pipe that I connected to the chain locker
drain tube
via a brazed on barbed connector. This arrangement caught most of the
leakage and I was again able to use the under floor area as stowage.

Following a catastrophe with a SM 2000, Amel redesigned the whole of
the bow
thruster enclosure on later boats. Apart from getting rid of the
curtain and enclosing the bow thruster behind a water tight access door,
they made the rear bow thruster bulkhead without the holes that
drain into
the bilge area. They fitted a drain pipe to the bulkhead that also
to the chain drain pipe so that any water that leaks past the seals is
carried away to the engine room bilge.

This might be an easier option for you than my rubber dam solution.
I can't
be sure as I now have the later design and I don't recall the exact
of the earlier boat. It should not be too difficult to fibreglass in the
holes and fit a drain tube that connects to the valve assembly on
the chain
locker pipe.

Good luck

Ian Shepherd SM 414 Crusader

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